A Disk Trimming Program


DiskTRIM is an application which uses wiper.sh to trim (SSD) disks.

Getting stated

Select File -> New target
Select your target and press create.
To setup your target use the tab Setup.


Setub tab
The two fields write limit and time limit will set the trigger level for automatic trimming.

Block size is the block size of the the file system on the selected target partition.
Update interval is used for updating partition statistics.

Disabling dry-run is considered to be dangerous an you need to be sure everything works before enabling this field.

The check-box auto replay is used to enable automatic replays for wiper.sh.

System specification

Linux 64 bit and runtime environment for GTKmm (deafult in Ubuntu).
Linux 32 bit and runtime environment for GTKmm (deafult in Ubuntu).

Version history



Source files

Visit the DiskTRIM download page


DiskTRIM start page.

DiskTRIM new target.

DiskTRIM info tab.

DiskTRIM setup tab.

DiskTRIM status tab.

DiskTRIM log tab. Missing wiper.sh.

DiskTRIM setup tab. All settings active.

DiskTRIM log tab. Fully automated wiper.sh run.

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